- UNDYED ORGANIC COTTON is silky, smooth and has great breathability. 100% organic cotton doesn’t cause allergic reactions, eczema or atopic dermatitis which is caused by the chemical coloration present in most tissues the market. The natural color retained by the fibre means the same fabric can have more than one tint. Nature never makes two identical things, that's just how it is.

FoxFibre fabric. Colors of the Earth, natural tones certified pure cotton, no additives or chemicals.

Each wash intensifies the color.

-RECYCLED FABRICS, Sustainable cotton, 100% recycled cotton fabrics, from stocks of textile factories. As its recycled, not all tissues are the same and stocks are dependant on supply. For this reason our sustainable underwear can have various hues and fabric thicknesses.

-PRODUCTION, OWL is a registered 100% European company. We abide by stringent EU regulations, and all our producers and suppliers are within the European Community.