Mens underwear slip
100% cotton - Rib 1x1
Cold wash, don't tumble dry.

-SUSTAINABLE COTTON, 100% recycled cotton fabrics, from stocks of textile factories. As its recycled, not all tissues are the same and stocks are dependant on supply. For this reason our sustainable underwear can have various hues and fabric thicknesses.


Descripción: Ropa interior ecologica hombre slip
100% algodón - Tejido canalé Rib 1x1
Lavar en frío, no usar secadora.

-ALGODÓN SOSTENIBLE, reciclamos tejidos 100% algodón, provenientes de stocks de fabricas textiles. Como reciclamos ,no todos los tejidos son iguales y dependemos de stocks limitados, por este motivo nuestros calzoncillos sostenibles pueden variar el tono de color y el gramaje del tejido,

COLORFUL -8TH- PEACH listed in:


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