Owl promotes and designs projects connected with the environment. We want a world ready to redesign itself with an ethical, ecological and sustainable approach for a honest sustainable future; here and now.

Materials we belive in and we work with:




We use a 100% organic cotton, grown without pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers, and is spun and produced without toxic chemicals. In addition, organic farming crop cycles respects to the land, trying to maintain a balance and fertility preservation for future use. We work with fabrics earth colors, color COTTON COMES DIRECTLY, without chemicals, unlike most tissues undergo bleaching, no artificial dyes and organic binders, which complicate and contaminate their workers and the planet in the process coloring.


Undyed Organic Cotton is silky, smooth and has great breathability. 100% organic cotton doesn’t cause allergic reactions, eczema or atopic dermatitis which is caused by the chemical coloration present in most tissues the market. The natural color retained by the fibre means the same fabric can have more than one tint. Nature never makes two identical things, that's just how it is.


Organic Cotton Colours fabric. Colors of the Earth, natural tones certified pure cotton, no additives or chemicals.


GOTS certified fabric - International Organic Textile Standard (




Cotton from a non-genetically modified seed, produced without any chemical process, additive or substance. It has been cultivated with strict environmental standards and hosted by the Integrated Production system, which establishes a model of production that aims to be respectfull with environment and its stakeholders, to ensure readability of the crops, stepping away from mass production and maximum yield, through the massive application of chemical products, both fertilizers and phytosanitary products, destroying and contaminating the associated  water sources, flora and fauna.

Under the supervision and certification of independent technicians, we can ensure practices for a long-term sustainable agriculture; introducing biological and chemical control methods, and other techniques adapted to nowadays society demands, ensuring an environmental, social and economic sutainability.

Integrated production is the first step towards a rational organic farming, where each person, plant and element involved plays a key role in the value chain.


For the last three years, we have been working with 100% organic crop projects


This fabric is the expression of cooperative work, recovering and revaluing the fields of Andalusia in the cotton plantation, passing through the Catalan textile industry to finally reach your hands.

Our fabric is soft, light and breathable. They are recommended for people with skin problems sensitive to some chemicals that may contain tissues. 

This product has been completly crafted in our local areas, planted in the Cooperativa Las Marismas de Lebrija (Seville), spun in Vica textil (Ripoll), woven in Textil Arias (Mataró) and finished in Hidrocolor (Llinars de Vallés). 


Project of Cotó Roig, fabrics with respect towards the natural environment and the people who have worked to create it.




There's nothing greener than recycling an existing material, and this is one of the premises of OWL. We recycling stocks of Cotton or Cotton-spandex fabrics from textile mills, and give a new life to these materials. Sustainable action, 100% reused fabrics, from stocks of textile factories

As its recycled, not all tissues are the same and stocks are dependant on supply. For this reason our sustainable underwear can have various hues and fabric thicknesses.




To minimize the use of non-biodegradable materials, OWL has used and unused industrial techniques because of its high cost. Through these procedures, only a small part of the eco friendly band is made of elastic rubber and synthetic essential for clamping (OWL polyamides used in less than 20% of the elastic band, while the vast majority of other makes this composition is 100 %). 




We are committed to a local production made entirely in Barcelona to minimize the environmental impact. All our suppliers are less than 100 kilometers away, so OWL assumes responsible production, helping to create a sustainable local industry.

OWL is a registered 100% European company. We abide by stringent EU regulations, and all our producers and suppliers are within the European Community.