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Owl promotes and carries out design projects that are in tune with the environment, we want a world capable of redesigning itself with an ethical, ecological and responsible perspective, considering the here and now, and ensuring a sustainable future.

Con qué trabajamos y creemos:

About-enOwl Store |
About-enOwl Store |


At Owl, we believe that reusing existing materials is a responsibility. That is why we reuse discarded paragliders from a fabric aircraft producer, converting them into jackets and outerwear. Preventing this nylon material from ending up in the rubbish container – it takes up to 500 years to decompose – with upcycling or supra-recycling, it is reused, giving it a new and greater value. It´s more ecological and sustainable than creating a new one.

The paragliders provide us with a fabric that has very interesting technical characteristics: made of nylon, it is resistant and light, capable of protecting from the wind and the first drops of rain. A highly versatile, recyclable and durable fabric.

As each paraglider is different from the others, and not all its parts are the same, nor do they have the same colour, we have to cut the garments one by one, obtaining limited, unrepeatable editions of great ecological value.

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We work and produce locally from the city of Barcelona. 85% of our suppliers and tailoring workshops are less than 100 kilometers away. From our workshop in Poblenou (Barcelona) to towns like Mataró (Maresme) or La Cellera (La Selva). In this way, we significantly reduce the carbon footprint derived from transportation and supply of materials.

OWL undertakes responsible production, helping to create a sustainable local fabric and industry.

About-enOwl Store |
About-enOwl Store |
About-enOwl Store |


Another one of Owl´s premises is fairness; that society is also a beneficiary part, not only the industry.

Bearing in mind the here and now, we want to be involved in creating a more balanced society. For this reason we collaborate with social workshops in Barcelona city, such as the Emili Papirer Workshop and Sewing School of the Roure Foundation, which carries out a great and important social work. They allocate the income generated in their sewing workshop, mainly to training people without resources derived from social entities, thus helping their social and labor integration.

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From our beginnings manufacturing underwear, we have opted for biodegradable, ecological and comfortable materials.

We believe in different projects and suppliers of cotton fabrics:

-GOTS® and OCCGUARANTEE® certified undyed organic cotton: all three colours – nude, brown and green – come directly from the cotton plant, without dyes or bleaching chemicals. The production of one linear meter of this cotton emits 1.22kg of CO2, considerably reducing the 2.24kg of CO2 emitted by one meter of conventional cotton fabric in India.

-Organic cotton with elastane, produced by a completely vertical company. They control everything, from the purchase of raw materials to the finish, and colour of the final fabric. Certified by Re-EcoTextiles Cotexmo Organic® and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification.

-Sustainable cotton without certification of integrated plantation: the only cotton spun and produced entirely in Spain. This fabric is the result of cooperative work, recovering and revaluing the fields of Andalusia with the cotton plantation, passing through the Catalan textile industry until it reaches you.

About-enOwl Store |
About-enOwl Store |
About-enOwl Store |


Within circular fashion, recycling existing material is part of its sustainability.

Some of our garments involve recycled fabrics, such as outerwear, where we bet on SEAQUAL® fibre, made from PET plastic bottles collected from the sea, which are used in fleeces with recycled polyester fibres.

The creation of 2 kg of new PET emits 8 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere, greater than that generated by the average use of a gasoline vehicle for 40 kilometres (6.4 kg of CO2).

While 2 Kilos of recycled PET is reduced to 3.6 kg of CO2.

With 80 PET plastic bottles we can make a fleece lining.

And in linings, 50% cotton-50% recycled polyester, certified by Re-EcoTextiles Cotexmo Recycled and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification.

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No animals have been used or harmed directly or indirectly in our products. Neither in its process, manufacture or manipulation.

The purchase of our t-shirts, sweatshirts and jogger pants are certified by the PETA-Approved Vegan seal.

About-enOwl Store |
About-enOwl Store |
About-enOwl Store |


Owl thinks about the best way to generate the minimum waste in the creation of its garments and productions. That is why we try not to produce more than necessary, and we keep the remaining materials to study the best way to reuse and / or recycle them, to generate zero waste.

Our sales with the label “On request” help to produce what is actually sold. It is a custom production with which we generate minimal waste, and it reduces CO2 footprint emissions.

Currently, with the remains of our upcycling garments (nylon fabric from paragliders), we are investigating how to transform these surpluses into a textile filling, both for the home (cushion filling) and for fashion (padding for jackets).

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A recent study has concluded that packaging for online sales generates twice the environmental impact of traditional commerce in terms of waste, and that 80% of the environmental impact generated by electronic commerce packaging can be reduced in the phase design, for this reason, Owl radically decides not to have official packaging, surely your order will arrive in a reusable fabric bag from the remains of our textile productions. And we will always ship and pack our products with everything necessary to arrive safely at your port using only kraft paper and tape, and / or recycled paper.

Regarding transport, all our shipments in Barcelona city will be made through the cooperative, ecological, feminist and inclusive courier “Les Mercedes”.

For the rest of the peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, we choose express mail to reach all of you.

About-enOwl Store |
About-enOwl Store |
About-enOwl Store |


Owl is committed to using green servers to host its emails and its website, thus helping to reduce the digital carbon footprint.

With the responsible objective of dealing with the 1.66 billion tons of carbon dioxide generated annually from digital activity and the internet, the equivalent of 3.7% of global carbon emissions, Owl works with companies that are committed to renewable energy.

Our email server works exclusively with 100% solar energy, and the server where we host the website offsets its carbon footprint, supplying the electricity grid with up to three times the amount of energy used by its servers with wind energy.

In addition, they help the reforestation of the planet, participating in projects such as One Tree Planted.

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