OWL guarantees its promise to the environment through its unwavering commitment to use biodegradable materials: like the cotton.

-UNDYED ORGANIC COTTON. We use 100% organic cotton, grown without pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers, which is spun and produced without toxic chemicals. In addition, the crop cycles of organic farming respect the land, by and invest in its natural fertility for future use. THE COLOUR OF THE COTTON COMES DIRECTLY FROM THE NATURAL FIBRE without chemicals, unlike most fabrics which undergo bleaching, we use no artificial dyes or organic binders, which complicate and contaminate their workers and the planet in the coloring process .

GOTS certified fabric - International Organic Textile Standard (

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-Sustainable cotton. There's nothing greener than recycling an existing material, and this is one of the premises of OWL. Stocks recycle 100% cotton fabrics from textile mills, and give a new life to these materials.

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- ELASTIC WAISTBAND. To minimize the use of non-biodegradable materials, OWL uses a more traditional technique that has been replaced in recent years by more damaging processes. Only the smallest amount possible of the waistband is made from synthetic elastic rubber, in order to give the underwear the bonded strength it needs (OWL polyamides used in less than 20% of the elastic band, other brands use 100 %).

-PRODUCTION. We focus on local production to minimize environmental impact. All our suppliers and our production are less than 50 miles away from base-camp, thus OWL encourages reponsible production, and is helping to create a sustainable local industry.